• Christmas is coming!

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    Good Morning everyone .... Louise here with our weekly update.  All the samples have now been delivered to the Crematorium which is great news and the first orders for Christmas Decorations have gone out.  The new range which is called Nativi-tree will be shortly on the website to buy directly.  We are adding a star to the range which will make it a set of 10 so look out for that.


    We have new neighbors at the Magic Workshop and after a bad start of him running over my freestanding sign outside and flattening it!  He did fix my aircon in the car (8 years of it not working) so at least I can cool down after a day around hot kilns. 


    Today I am busy making Rainbow Magic with 7 small and 3 medium Rainbows filling up "Big Beast" and Loulou is busy making circles for our Santa faces ... it's all go in here........ Over to Loulou xxxxxx


    Afternoon.......hows the week been? Myself and Louise both have lots of cuts and numb fingers, been busy bee's in "The Magic Workshop". I still can't believe we are in preparation for the Christmas period, maybe you lovely lot have some ideas or something in mind for us to make?

    We have had a few visitors come and go (in spirit) this week and we love nothing more than welcoming those and having a little chat with them. Today our heart went out as the beautiful Mikayla who I believe was only 4 years of age is with us. Why can't they take the bad apples?? As we all know there certainly is enough of them!!

    Well I hope you lovely lot all have a fantastic weekend. I have a Rugrat free weekend so will be consuming alcohol "shock" also hope to finish off painting the decking at my new house. 

    Lots of Love,







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  • Hot Hot Hot

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    Louise here with your weekly update.  Very excited this week to start working with Peterborough Crematorium making beautiful Rainbows and discs for their clients.  It's a very sad and sensitive situation and we hope that our Glass Designs will bring comfort to these families during their incredibly hard times. Samples will be on their way to them today along with a small family run Funeral Directors in Somerset who feel that the personal touch of our Hand Made Glass will be perfect for their families.

    * * *

    On the day of the Crematorium meeting  I got there early I opened the doors of the car so I could breath in the heat, looked in the mirror and took a moment to touch up my make up! I covered up my eye bags, added eye liner, mascara and lip stick.... almost done ..... through squinted eyes in the sun I thought I would do my brows (years of over plucking has left me with approx 42 hairs on each brow) ... so I carefully filled in the gaps and plumped up those brows .... ready to face my important meeting I took one last look in the mirror....... AND TO MY HORROR ... in the nick of time I realized that I had in fact used "very plummy" lip liner on my brows and was about to go in looking like a bloody clown!!!!! Now that was close!!!!!!

    * * *

    All the teacher gifts made it out in time and I hope that there are lots of teachers with smiley faces today ... not only do they get a lovely glassy goody ... but NO KIDS FOR SIX WEEKS! Well done all the teachers who do a fantastic job.

    * * *

    Over to Admin Queen Lou Lou for her update: 

    Happy Friday Peeps, the weekend has landed whoop whoop, however for me this means my "RugRat" weekend. The only perks of being a split family is that every other weekend I get a break! This weekend means keeping them entertained/amused and cooking and cleaning, oh and not forgetting the arguments of "Mum Coby done or Mum Cadence has done" Oh I really can't wait. Wine is in the fridge at the ready lol. Sunday however I have booked on line for Twin Lakes at Melton Mowbray for a day out. An on line saving from £19.99 to £14.99 per person this weekend if anyone at a loose end and want something to do with their RugRats. I am liking the outdoor pool area as water slides, shall make the most of it and top up the tan. Taking a picnic of course just to save on the pennies. May let the little monkeys have an ice cream if they are good.  

    Anyways enough of me back to work and let you all know admin side of things. Our Facebook page Iridescent Glass Design now has the shop now link to bring you to our new web page to browse and place any orders.

    Please note as a new Web Page not all products are listed as of yet, it will be an on going process to list and price. 

    Please keep an eye out on Louise's latest creations as Louise is making new Christmas decorations for this year. 

    Enjoy your weekend, eat sleep and be merry.


    Lou Lou

    Admin x



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  • Coming back to the Blog

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  • 9 months since my last post...

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    Well... here we are at the end of November... My last entry to my blog was February ... how ridiculous is that?  I actually think that February was perhaps the last quiet moment I had .. since then it has been a complete whirlwind of events ...The facebook page has taken off to extreme levels and I've made some amazing customers that I would like to call friends ... We have a chat in the day time and a laugh in the evening and it certainly keeps me going during busy and stressful times.

    Since September I have been working really hard ..... June was crazy for "Apple for the Teacher" keyrings and October went bonkers over Poppy pins .... after selling so many poppies ....  I was really proud to donate £100 towards the Peterborough British Legion Poppy Appeal... It was lovely to visit them at the Paston and Gunthorpe Community Center and see all the hard work that went on for such a lovely cause... Next year we will start early and I intend to up the donation to 10% for each poppy sold.... 

    After the poppy appeal came the Christmas rush or should I say "The Slinky Rush" .... after the Slinky Santa and Slinky Snowman ... a group of Slinky Characters popped up ... I've not had a count up yet but I will.... and oh BOY will there be a lot!!!!  The Rudolf is my fave ... but by far the Slinky Santa is the most popular....  How are we going to top that next year?

    A big welcome last month to Rhian ... my Glam Glassistant that comes and helps on Saturdays and one evening during the week....  On her first week I was so nervous about her cutting herself on glass and had a HUGE PILE of plasters on hand ... I was later to discover that she was in fact allergic to plasters and did finally cut herself on ... wait for it ... the tape gun!!!! ........Although I do not understand her taste in music (who are these bands... am I old?), she has settled in really well and no trips to casualty have been needed (YET!).

    So in a nutshell.... a fantastic year for us ... I can only thank my lovely customers from the website and my facebook page for being such stars.... for the chatting, for the banter, for the orders and for most of all ... for putting up with my lack of admin skills due to lack of time spent on the computer and too much time making lovely glass.... As we grow, I hope this will change but for now ... I thank you for your shouts, nudges and pokes....

    Next year ... I want to be bigger and better but still be approachable, affordable and always here for a natter and a pinot at the end of a hard night .... big hugs from me..... xxxxx

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  • It's been ages...

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    I can't believe I've not written in my blog since August!  I'm slacking!!!!! Seriously though .... since I've given up my job in April and spending all my time in the workshop it's been manic and I absolutely LOVE IT!  The new workshop is up and running, the new kiln is in operation and all systems are GO GO GO .... The facebook page is fantastic and I love to keep up to date with all my followers on there.  It really is a great way to keep motivated and to share new ideas with people who love what you do. 

    The run up to Christmas has begin and and I'm spending long days in the workshop ... I'm not moaning as I love it so much and will try my best to keep taking orders and making sure they get out in time for Christmas.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to a week off at Christmas ... but until then ... it's full steam ahead in the workshop.

    Please keep a look out on the facebook page and if you see anything you like but fancy it in a different colour ... then just ask....  Everything I make ... I make with love! I love what I do and I do what I love .... It's a win win situation... so get your orders in guys ... I'm waiting xxxx

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