• New seasons ... New ideas

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    As the evenings drawer in and the leaves collect in heaps outside the workshop door (and trust me .... the entire leaf fall in our area ends up outside the workshop)  I feel myself thinking of new ideas to remember our loved ones.   My gorgeous Hollypops loved Autumn/winter ... wrapping up, wellies in the leaves, bonfires, Halloween and of course Christmas. 

    Our rainbow bridges have become very popular for remembering both our fur babies but also our loved ones that we have lost.

    I have decided now to create a collection of 5 wall panels.  Each wall panel will have a sprinkle of ashes throughout it so it will be visible but also part of the design of the panel.

    These panels will consist of:   Rainbow, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter .... each design with have it's own colour scheme and aura and each will be subtly different.  I've researched this a lot over the past few months and there isn't really that much on the market like this ... and I know it's not for everyone ... but I also know that it does give comfort to have our loved ones around us ... in our homes ... so if it's not for you then that's absolutely fine.  But for those who like the idea ... I want to create some art that will illuminate your home and your memories.

    The panels will start at 30cm square and will come with chrome wall connections to fit to wherever you think it would look amazing.

    Over the next few weeks ... I will be adding these to the website under a new Collection called "Ashes Within" ... I hope you all love them.

    In the meantime ... I am so busy getting all your orders out and will not stop until the last posting day ... so bear with me if I take a little longer.  We have just made a huge batch of very special "Little wishes" .... and we will try and make sure you all have one with your orders up to Christmas.

    Thank you for being part of our page ... you help keep the magic alive.....


    Big hugs .... Louise and Loulou xxxxx (Pic is Hollypops getting in the spirit of Halloween.. How I miss her sparkle)




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  • Latest News

    440 comments / Posted by Lou Farrugia

    Lou Lou here, back from Rome yesterday it was amazing yet again, a small break around Rome site seeing again, then to Ostia and Canale Monterano to see my family for a few days. Back to reality but re-charged, now myself and Louise are thinking that Valentine's Day is soon approaching and don't forget we are doing the clear glass hearts, you can add a small quote or wording / personalisation from £10.50 a heart and with £1.95 P&P.  

    Then will need to think about Mother's Day, new ideas will be posted soon. 

    Don't forget to throw some of your own ideas at us to make your item more personalised. 



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  • Tiz The Season

    2638 comments / Posted by Lou Farrugia

    Good Afternoon it's Lou Lou. How are we all?

    Getting ready for that big fat man to come down your chimney? Or the magic key as I have told my Rugrats. Well I am almost ready, I just need to do the food shop nearer the time and most importantly the "booze run" 

    Just to inform you lovely lot...... please get your orders in as soon as possible, the cut off date on ordering will be the end of November to receive in time for Christmas. Please note this is our busiest time and all orders are handmade, there is up to a two week turnaround.


    Lots of Love,


    Lou Lou


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  • Weekend soon approaching, whats your plans for Halloween?

    614 comments / Posted by Lou Farrugia

    Good Afternoon my lovely's. Its Lou Lou here, thought I would write a new blog as has been a while with us being flat out on Christmas orders. I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping much to my own amazement as I hate Christmas and do normally leave it all until the last minute. 

    Halloween soon approaching, are we fans or not of the spooky event? I can't say I celebrate it, my rugrats are 17, 11 and 7 now and think we been out twice in their life lol. The thing is with these dam killer clowns my rugrats are really not bothered and I think it may of well ruined it for a lot of families?. Oh well more sweets for us this year nom nom.

    Now for my news and laughing, I am the employer of the Month, yay. Laughing as I am Louise's only employee and I win every month ha ha ha. However lucky me will be going home with a bottle of Prosecco tonight. Much love Louise. 

    I hope you all have a lovely weekend, lots of love.


    Lou Lou

    Admin X

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  • Feeling Festive

    305 comments / Posted by Lou Farrugia

    Good Morning, how is everyone feeling on this beautiful summers day? 

    As much as I hate to say we have been busy with our Xmas orders, from Angels/Snowmen/Father Christmas/Reindeer/Penguins/Camels/and even our newbies this year of Nativity decorations.  

    These can be seen over in our Facebook Page at Iridescent Glass Design, your choice of colour and even personalised at £6.50 per item.


    Have a Happy Bank Holiday Weekend x


    Lots of Love,


    Lou Lou 



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