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Good Afternoon my lovely's. Its Lou Lou here, thought I would write a new blog as has been a while with us being flat out on Christmas orders. I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping much to my own amazement as I hate Christmas and do normally leave it all until the last minute. 

Halloween soon approaching, are we fans or not of the spooky event? I can't say I celebrate it, my rugrats are 17, 11 and 7 now and think we been out twice in their life lol. The thing is with these dam killer clowns my rugrats are really not bothered and I think it may of well ruined it for a lot of families?. Oh well more sweets for us this year nom nom.

Now for my news and laughing, I am the employer of the Month, yay. Laughing as I am Louise's only employee and I win every month ha ha ha. However lucky me will be going home with a bottle of Prosecco tonight. Much love Louise. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, lots of love.


Lou Lou

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