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Good Morning everyone .... Louise here with our weekly update.  All the samples have now been delivered to the Crematorium which is great news and the first orders for Christmas Decorations have gone out.  The new range which is called Nativi-tree will be shortly on the website to buy directly.  We are adding a star to the range which will make it a set of 10 so look out for that.


We have new neighbors at the Magic Workshop and after a bad start of him running over my freestanding sign outside and flattening it!  He did fix my aircon in the car (8 years of it not working) so at least I can cool down after a day around hot kilns. 


Today I am busy making Rainbow Magic with 7 small and 3 medium Rainbows filling up "Big Beast" and Loulou is busy making circles for our Santa faces ... it's all go in here........ Over to Loulou xxxxxx


Afternoon.......hows the week been? Myself and Louise both have lots of cuts and numb fingers, been busy bee's in "The Magic Workshop". I still can't believe we are in preparation for the Christmas period, maybe you lovely lot have some ideas or something in mind for us to make?

We have had a few visitors come and go (in spirit) this week and we love nothing more than welcoming those and having a little chat with them. Today our heart went out as the beautiful Mikayla who I believe was only 4 years of age is with us. Why can't they take the bad apples?? As we all know there certainly is enough of them!!

Well I hope you lovely lot all have a fantastic weekend. I have a Rugrat free weekend so will be consuming alcohol "shock" also hope to finish off painting the decking at my new house. 

Lots of Love,








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